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Sorry about that! achieves record breaking revenue growth at 432% YoY through feed optimisation and peak season Shopping campaigns

With the objectives to capture greater market share and expand their client base across Europe, Modanisa decided it was the right time to adapt their Shopping campaigns’ strategy. Their ambitious targets for increased website traffic, coupled with their need to maximise visibility for their vast product range, presented a key challenge as the peak season approached.

Given its vast product offering, Modanisa partnered with the Google Shopping team to restructure its campaigns and drive traffic to low visibility SKUs in key European markets. They focused strongly on feed excellence, conducting a feed audit to optimise titles and minimise disapprovals. After successful results optimising Modanisa’s feed, both teams used this opportunity to develop a peak season strategy.

By applying the best practises recommended by the Google Shopping team, Modanisa saw record breaking revenue growth at 432% year on year, with 343% increase in clicks, and 251% increase in impressions across key European markets. Modanisa also saw an average 14% increase in first-time buyers thanks to the new customer conversion goal for Smart Shopping campaigns.

With the support of the Google Shopping team, we’ve been able to test and optimise Shopping campaign features that were new for us. This has allowed us to create an ideal campaign structure and keep our optimisation scores high by prioritising our feed health. Overall, we were able to remarkably improve the performance of our Shopping campaigns and KPI's, especially in key markets for our business in Europe.

Eyad Mert Mando, Digital Marketing Specialist at Modanisa


YoY revenue growth


Increase in first-time buyers

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