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Farmy increases ROAS from 466% to 722% with Performance Max Campaigns

Farmy’s business model is complex across multiple dimensions. First, selling fresh produce requires a carefully planned delivery system that complies with cold chains. Second, Switzerland is a market spanning multiple languages – this needs to be reflected in their advertising. Third, Farmy sells a wide variety of products with various subcategories. Lastly, food products experience natural peaks and dips throughout the year and consumers’ preference can quickly change.

Their campaigns need to optimise for different languages, delivery zones for their fresh produce, and product types. They also need to automatically respond to ever-changing consumer demands. Although Farmy is on a growth journey, efficiency and return on investment are important, so achieving an optimum return on ad spend (ROAS) is imperative.

The Google Shopping team, together with the Farmy SEA team, started testing Performance Max campaigns, analysing performance, and then optimising the campaigns and assets. As Farmy experiences several small peaks throughout the year, building specific asset groups with seasonal assets was essential to leverage Performance Max to the fullest. After the successful test, Farmy rolled out Performance Max campaigns for their entire account.

As a result of their fast and full transition to Performance Max campaigns, Farmy were able to grow their online presence, and increase their average ROAS from 466% with Smart Shopping campaigns to an average of 722% with Performance Max. Farmy also improved their average click-through rate from 1.03% to 1.14% and conversion rate from 2.95% to 4.04%.

I joined Farmy in 2017 and introduced performance marketing to the then-startup. After Google launched Performance Max Campaigns at the end of 2021, we reached a whole new level not only in reach but also in click-through rate and conversion rate. We will definitely continue to work with Performance Max Campaigns and partner with the Google Shopping team to optimise our campaign strategy going forward!

Florian Laudahn, CMO


ROAS increased from 466% to 722%


Conversion rate increased from 2.95% to 4.04%

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