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PUMA achieves +500% YoY growth in online sales across Europe with automation and a new Shopping campaigns structure

One of PUMA’s key marketing objectives in Europe was to grow its online sales whilst increasing its Shopping campaigns’ performance. According to Tsuki Schmidt, Senior Manager Performance Marketing eCommerce Europe, while PUMA was interested in scaling online sales with Shopping campaigns, it saw an opportunity to improve the previous Shopping campaigns’ structure, as campaigns were split too granularly across products.

Working together with the Google Shopping Team, PUMA established a new Shopping campaigns structure which integrated an automated Target ROAS bidding strategy. An important element for success was the alignment of targets and goals in strategic meetings, agreed by PUMA and closely monitored and implemented together with their marketing agency. The teams defined an ideal Shopping campaigns structure, moving away from a large number of campaigns to just four. This simplified approach ensured that products were split optimally at Ad group level, helping to consolidate data points while maintaining control over performance.

By changing its Shopping campaigns’ strategy with a focus on Smart Bidding, PUMA was able to increase revenue across Europe whilst improving ROAS.

The digital transformation to fulfill PUMA’s Connected Brand Strategy is key to the growth and success of the brand. Consumers have shifted towards online shopping and we are strategically partnering with the best digital tools to help consumers choose the right product for their needs. Shopping ads are an essential element for PUMA to reach consumers in the purchase journey and guide them through the final purchase decisions.



Increase in revenue from Shopping campaigns YoY


Increase in ROAS from Shopping campaigns YoY

Download the PDF to see more details on how PUMA partnered with the Google Shopping Team to develop a new Shopping campaigns structure.

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