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Parfums Christian Dior achieves a 2x increase in ROAS YoY with their Smart Shopping Campaigns strategy

With an objective of improving return on investment (ROI) on their Shopping campaigns in Europe, the Parfums Christian Dior and Google Shopping teams developed a new Shopping campaigns strategy. The initial phase was to review the performance of their existing campaigns, particularly their ROAS targets and results. Next, they identified the most relevant optimisation opportunities to achieve the company’s marketing objectives.

Leveraging the Google Shopping team’s knowledge of Shopping campaign optimisation, Parfums Christian Dior focused their strategy on Smart Shopping Campaigns where they could use automation and showcase their most relevant products and categories in Shopping Ads, in very specific target markets. After two months of testing the strategy in selected markets, they launched their first Smart Shopping Campaigns across Europe in April 2020.

Thanks to Smart Shopping Campaigns (SSC) and in partnership with the Google Shopping team, we have improved our ROI and overall KPIs on Shopping campaigns. Most importantly, SSC have become a key tool during seasonal events, and we understand the positive impact they can have on sales and key business metrics



Growth in online revenue from Shopping campaigns YoY


Increase in ROAS from Shopping campaigns YoY

Download the PDF to see more details on how Parfums Christian Dior partnered with the Google Shopping Team to develop a new Shopping campaigns structure.

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