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Søstrene Grene increases ROAS by 21% and grows revenue by 373% after implementing a new Performance Max campaign structure

Søstrene Grene’s main objective was to grow revenue across multiple European markets while unlocking a profit-based approach. Søstrene Grene had a deep understanding of how their products performed, but they wanted to leverage their data to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of their marketing campaigns.

Together with the Google Shopping team, Søstrene Grene decided to set up a new campaign structure, setting tROAS to align with their goals and categorising items based on specific product margin data. By adding these details as part of the new structure, Søstrene Grene aimed to increase both revenue and profits.

The teams also worked on optimising their Shopping campaign structure to align with their business goals, taking advantage of the recently launched Performance Max campaigns. As well as margins, the teams also considered important factors such as delivery costs.

After months of testing their new campaign structure, Søstrene Grene saw a +373% year-on-year (YoY) increase in revenue while also improving ROAS by 21% YoY.

Performance Max campaigns allowed Søstrene Grene to optimise their approach to their customers’ purchase journey. It helped unlock new and relevant placements for their campaigns including display, video, search and more.  This helped them to efficiently communicate with relevant target audiences no matter where in the journey they were, and whether they were known or unknown customers.

The results we’ve seen with Performance Max campaigns have been really encouraging, giving us the opportunity to take full advantage of our product portfolio and distinct visual identity. Our Google Shopping team has been really helpful in this process, providing excellent feedback on our existing setup and showing us how to maximise the impact of our Performance Max campaigns.

Kenneth Pasgaard, Marketplace & Paid Search Specialist


YoY growth in revenue thanks to a new Performance Max campaign structure


YoY increase in ROAS

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